About Us

About Us

Pentathlon Hereford provides fun and engaging multi sports activities for individuals, club, schools and other organisations. The focus is on high quality training around an holistic approach to develop all round athletes, helping develop strong foundations in co-ordination, balance, self confidence and physical fitness.

Training starts within a platform of multi sport where athletes can later choose how they move on, encouraged to develop their goals and their game plan. Pony Club Tetrathletes are supported by swimming, running and pelet shooting coaching and Modern Pentathletes can choose swimming, running, laser pistol shooting and / or fencing. 

All coaching is supported by our unique Competitive Athlete Programme for anyone who has a dream. There are also a series of achievement awards to provide a very positive journey.

Pentathlon Hereford provides weekly training at many locations, training days, camps, sports day activities, enrichment days and camps. The team of coaches are led by Bernie Moss, former Olympic and National Pentathlon Coach and John Rees, GB Cadet and Junior Epee Coach.

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Contact Rachel Wreyford wreyford578@btinternet.com 07568 503443.

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